Pacific Rim Team GT 2018 is in the books!!

Pacific Rim Team GT 2018 has wrapped up and it was a huge success! I want to thank everyone who came out to play, Alex Harrison for providing mats and terrain, Michael Hengl and Mike Sanders for providing mats, Kevin Kung for helping out with lunch both days, and Game Kastle Mountain View and Heretic Games for all the prize support!
With all of this positive response I am proud to announce we will be having Pacific Rim Team GT 2019!!
Overall: Team MFM
Best General: Team Fake Rules
Best Sports: MinMax
Best Appearance: Alan & the Joe’s

Please send me a message with any feedback on the event so I can run it even better next year!


Rule Pack and Senarios Released!!!

Please see the Rule Pack tab to download the Rule Pack and Senarios!!

Important Information: We will be using the most recently released .205 rules!!!!  Please go to to download and review the new rules and armybooks.

Important Information: Since we are adopting the new rules, the date to submit your list has been pushed to December 1, 2018! Please e-mail your list to

Introducing the Great Model Exchange!!!

At Pacific Rim Team GT there will be a raffle for multiple box sets (similar to Buckeye Battles) and entry will include raffle tickets.  This will also include an exchange where you can bring any still boxed and sealed models and receive additional raffle tickets to use on other raffles.


You can also purchase additional raffle tickets at the event to increase your odds!!!


Please bring out all of those box sets you will NEVER open to possibly get some new models you WILL use!

Venue Change!

After continuing the search for the perfect venue in San Francisco, I think we have found it.  Pacific Rim Team GT will now be held at Danzhaus Dance Center in Potrero Hill!  This venue is larger, better and cheaper then our last venue and still has a great location.  There is free street parking and during the weekend, those spots should be wide open.  Also, it is a 9 min walk from Harmonic Brewing, which is an awesome brewery we can all meet up at.  Please take a look at the LOCATION page to check out the venue.  I am pretty sure no one has booked a room yet but the new venue is not far from the first one.

More to come!

Announcing Pacific Rim Team GT!!!

Hello all,

I am very pleased to announce that the first annual Pacific Rim Team GT will be taking place on December 8-9, 2018 in San Francisco, CA!!  PRTGT will be a 4-man team tournament over two days (5 games) at 4,500 points per army.  Come down to the city by the bay to challenge the best 9th Age players in the bay area and enjoy everything that this city has offer.

  • Registration is now open!!  Use the “SIGN UP” tab to enter your team information.  Make sure you have all of your names, all of your e-mail addresses, and who is the team captain.
  • If you don’t have a team, don’t worry! I have a wait list going and if four people go on the wait list, you got a team!  Just e-mail me at
  • We have selected a venue and in true San Francisco fashion we will be holding the tournament in a dance studio!  After searching high and low here in San Francisco and down near the San Francisco Airport, the best option we could find in this expensive city ended up being this venue.  Don’t worry though! it’s a great venue that is in a central location in the city.
  • Recommended lodging and parking is yet to come but we are located in the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco which is primarily offices so parking should not be a problem over the weekend.  I know!  Hotels in San Francisco are expensive so I will be coordinating the most reasonable lodging I can for attendees.  More to come.
  • Depending on demand, I will be organizing a tour of the city or wine country while we are playing the tournament so please encourage significant others and/or families to come along!
  • To make this whole thing work, the tournament will cost $50 per person.  Please pay your entry fee as soon as you know you will be coming because the price goes up to $60 on October 8, 2018.
  • Tournament pack, scenarios, team pairings process, painting rubric, awards, and tournament fluff will all be coming soon so keep your eyes on this website.